Webinar: An Introduction to IoT Remote Monitorin

Webinar: An Introduction to IoT Remote Monitorin

Learn how to perform geotechnical and geopatial monitoring. Join the live discussion with experts from Worldsensing and Trimble.

This webinar aims to give an introduction about IoT (Internet of Things) remote monitoring technology, your monitoring magnifying glass, and how users may obtain continuous and real-time data to complement geospatial technologies, with total stations as an example. Through a joint geotechnical and geospatial monitoring approach, users may obtain not only backup data but also a fuller and more reliable assessment of the status of projects which is crucial in decision making.

Read more about the event : https://www.worldsensing.com/resource/on-demand-webinar-geoweek-introduction-iot-remote-monitoring/


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