Setting a new standard in Construction and Infrastructure monitoring. Beyond Monitoring™ is a state-of-the-art Monitoring & Information hub.

Sixense has used its 20+ years of experience in monitoring software development with Geoscope™️, to create this new ground breaking platform. With cyber security as a priority, the platform defines new standard in construction and infrastructure monitoring. From intelligent automated processes, to full customisation capabilities, the platform is truly versatile and will fit your needs. It is built for projects of any size, but is particularly well-suited to large projects where different types of sensors and data are consolidated for analysis.

Some of the prestigious early adopters choosing Beyond Monitoring include the Suburban Rail Loop Authority in Melbourne, Transport for New South Wales, and OZ Minerals in South Australia.

Beyond Monitoring is a data hub that manages all types of data with an emphasis on quality and real-time monitoring. Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental sensors data are the most common types but any sensor data can be acquired.

The list of pre-configured sensor includes:

  • - Robotic Total Station / prisms from all manufacturers (Cyclops)
  • - Reflectorless laser point (Centaur)
  • - Atlas-InSAR (Satellite monitoring)
  • - GNSS
  • - Piezometers
  • - Level-meters
  • - Inclinometers
  • - Tilt-meters
  • - Crack-meters
  • - Extensometers
  • - Dewatering borehole
  • - Settlement gauges
  • - Liquid Level
  • - Continuous Operating Ref System (CORS)
  • - Noise & vibrations
  • - Dust & Air quality
  • - Weather data
  • - ...

Beyond Monitoring is truly versatile, whilst equally suited to small projects with a few sensors and large & complex projects with thousands of sensors.

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