High Accuracy Landslide Detection Prism, from OMNI Survey

The new #9000-C-LPF ensures you will obtain the most accurate data in the toughest conditions and it has proven to be a great solution to monitor and predict landslides.  Its built-in filter design blocks the infrared radiation, and its anti-reflective and copper reflective coatings make our new accuracy prism the best option; even when exposed to direct sunlight.

4DBloc, from SIXENSE

4DBloc is a GNSS-based sensor that provides real-time monitoring of ground surfaces and built structures.

Beyond Monitoring, from SIXENSE

Beyond Monitoring is a software tool that allows real-time management of data from your sites and the surrounding environment. At Sixense, we’ve used our 25 years of experience in monitoring software development with our flagship product, Geoscope, to create a ground-breaking platform.

MyMove IoT Platform

Manage. Explore. Analyze. Be in control of your structural monitoring, anywhere you are.

The Road to Senceive.io

We recently launched Senceive.io, the new data flow solution that enables you to take full control of your wireless monitoring deployments and seamlessly integrate with your preferred data visualisation software.

Bridges and viaducts, from SISGEO

What is bridges monitoring?
Bridge monitoring refers to the process of continuously monitoring the performance and condition of a bridge to ensure its structural integrity and safety. This is done by installing a network of sensors that can provide nearly-real-time data on the bridge’s health and performance.


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Structural Health Monitoring

Un mediu construit de încredere și durabil este cheia siguranței și sănătății umane